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More than half of people access the internet via their mobile device, making it imperative that your web site design flexes with the ever-changing environs. Why so important? Have you ever fumbled around on a non-mobile-friendly site, and attempted to zoom in on menus or other features that aren’t viewable or simply don’t function? Frustrating, huh? When a responsive web site is beckoned via tablet, smartphone or desktop, the layout will morph and adapt accordingly to function and look good on all devices.

Yet another compelling reason to ensure your web site design is mobile-friendly is to promote and protect its search engine prowess. Google now issues red-flag warnings on its search result pages notifying surfers which sites are not responsive (adding a “don’t bother visiting” admonition along with your listing). That is, IF you get listed at all. Google has begun deranking sites that are not ready for prime mobile time. With a database-driven platform, your site is created from the ground up to avoid these pitfalls.

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