Connect the Digital Dots


Between search engine campaigns, social media platforms, video promotions and print advertising, marketing management can quickly become a full-time job. So, what’s a busy entrepeneur to do? Consider contracting that part of your business to someone (a digital marketer, such as myself) more adept at tapping into the vast resources of the web. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on the things you do best – like running your business.

Tackling these challenges can leave one feeling like a circus performer with a myriad of infinitely-spinning plates. And with the ever-evolving online advertising atmosphere, keeping those heavy-laden plates level and afloat requires a constant tracking of trends, upticks and downturns. So, pass those plates and I’ll craft a custom, organized digital diet that will simplify your life and amplify your revenue.

Create Engaging Email

Email marketing is still considered one of the most viable online sales tools out there. It is measurable, action-oriented, and – best yet – geared toward an audience of customers and prospects who have ASKED to receive your promotions! Carefully-crafted email campaigns help improve brand awareness and drive sales. I can help you from setup to sendout.

Get Found

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) is imperative for any web site to be ranked by Google and other engines. This involves identifying keywords pertinent to your business and embedding them throughout your site’s frontend and backend. But, this must be carefully crafted to correlate with your content. If not done properly, your site’s keyword structure will not only be ineffective it could have an adverse effect.

Fortune cookie depicting search engine marketing

Beware the Black Hat

When it comes to getting ranked in the search engines, it pays — literally, if done correctly — to know the ever-changing rules of engagement. Disobeying a search engine’s policies, whether intentional or innocent mistake, is known as Black Hat. And, search companies assume such breaches are a deliberate attempt to cheat the system and you will be punished accordingly (as in, getting penalized, deranked and/or blacklisted…yikes!).

Traversing the SEO terrain can be intimidating territory for the uninitiated, but never fear – I’m here!

Stand Out in the Social Sea

Everywhere you look, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more social media portals are vying for attention. Tapping into these valuable marketing resources is a significant commitment, since the social media monster demands constant feeding and appeasement. Fear not: I can provide a feeding plan through pre-scheduled campaigns that will tame the beast and reap the rewards.

Reach Out


If you’re wondering why your site is not garnering the traffic you feel it should, or if you are overwhelmed by the scope of social media marketing, reach out and let’s talk about how I can relieve your burdens.