What’s it all about, Alfie?

It’s about pleasing the Data Protection Police, and of course, reassuring our visitors that we have no Evil Intent toward their unique snippets of

Item Number One requires divulging this sit’s address, or URL (pronounced Your-Ell by those attempting to sound UberCool). If you are reading this page, you surely know where you are, but in the off-chance that you are indeed that lost, YOU ARE HERE://designpluspromos.com.

That dastardly data

I am a One Woman Show who lacks the time or energy to do anything of nefarious intent with anyone’s personal data or identity (I’m fairly happy with my own identity, thank you very much). And, even though I consider myself to be one with considerable creative juices flowing on Any Given Day, I cannot for the life of me come up with a scheme for gleaning these apparently-precious items, or determing what-the-heck-to-do with them once harvested.

I do, on occasion, collect and store the info I need to provide you with the tasks you have requested from me. And, I may take the opportunity at some point to stalk you with Facebook advertising, but I’ll blame that on the FB algorithm versus any cherry-picked names on my part.

Da cookie monstah

I have found that the only cookies most folks care about (myself included!) are those generated by a concoction of flour, butter, sugar and various accoutrement subjected to 350 degrees Farenheit for a period of 10-12 minutes. Do you even know what a cookie of the cyber variety is or does? Okay then, yes, you caught me: this site uses cookies because that’s sorta how the Internet gears turn. You can always block cookies (where’s your humanity?) on your browser but be prepared to be hit with all manner of “why you hatin'” popups (from other sites, not mine – I will continue on in my blissful ignorance, believing that I am beloved by all until I am blasted with the “otherwise” bullhorn).

The voyeur tour

Okay, so I am definitely stalking you Google Analytics, mainly so I can stare blankly at a glut of stats while my eyes to glaze over and I am transported into a netherworld of the overwhelmed where I … wait, what was I saying? Oh yes: on occasion, I will come away with a quasi-quotient of what you like, what you hate, and thusly tweak and tweak and tweak content until that One Fine Someday when I just know that I will have pleased the multitudes.

There may also be thingies in place that nab your IP address, but in the spirit of transparency I will admit I’ve devoted zero time to knowing where to look for it or what to do with it once found. I can see how many people looked at my site, which pages they came in on and which ones they were perusing when they said “To heck with this” and left the site. As payback, you could mess with me by zigging here and zagging there, totally skewing and screwing my stats.