Yes, web-based promos now dominate the marketing arena, but paper and print still rank as serious contenders. Certain products and services can reap great benefits from print exposure. The printed message is concise and precise, tangible and tactile – to have and to hold from this day forward. Print is highly effective for driving traffic to your web site and social media outlets. Together, we can identify how and when your business should be promoted via print, and in what form, whether it be brochures, post cards, flyers, etc.

Print Portfolio

“Yes, I do that!”


Over the past three decades, I’ve designed countless (think: tens of thousands) of promotional items for a wide variety of clients as well as other print shops and advertising agencies. From business cards to billboards, wearables to web sites, print products to digital design, and catalogs to car wraps, I can’t think of anything I haven’t produced. Promos that pop — from concept to completion.

Let’s Work Together


Do you have a project for print that’s languishing on a Some Day List because you simply don’t know where to start?

SOLUTION:  Start by delegating. Give me a nudge by phone or email and I’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation, no-sweat proposal. Sound simple? It is!