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Project Description

Pet Product Logo and Packaging

This project involved creating the logo and slogan/tagline, then developing the packaging and label designs. The client allowed a lot of reign with word crafting in order to create concise, compelling copy in a tiny spot of real estate.


Creation of logo, word crafting (slogan/taglines), package design, print materials, web presence and copywriting and images for Amazon store.


Creative Thinking, Idea Development, Color Theory, Identity and Branding, Digital Printing, Word Craft, HTML, Amazon Storefront


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, Amazon (backend, with integrated inventory control)

Here I am!

Jennifer Lee of Design Plus Web Design and Print Marketing

Hiding in the wings, as usual.

I have a long-running aversion to self-promotion (ironic, huh?) and a full-fledged photophobia. Even now, as I create this promotional vehicle for myself I can't bring myself to sit front row and center. What? Still curious? Shoot over here.