Restroom Trailer Wrap

The largest canvas I’ve ever been afforded, and while challenging – with its huge image formats and tedious spec requirements – it was a very rewarding design project. At 32′ long and 8′ tall, with 5 panels to cover, this was indeed a big task (in more than one sense of the term). The finished product features watercolor imagery representing the City’s points of interest as well as a QR code triggering an exclusive URL for tracking this particular campaign (the trailer, or mobile billboard).


Concept, design, and production oversight of full wrap vinyl for a municipality’s restroom trailer, to be used at outdoor events and festivals.


Keen Knowledge of Large Format Printing, Careful Calculation of Image Resolution, QR Code Creation, Google Analytics/Tracking, Creative Thinking, Idea Development, Color Theory, Identity and Branding, Word Craft, Graphic Design, Vinyl Rastering and Printing


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat PDF