Jenni Lee of Design Plus, web and print designer

It’s Just Me, Jenni Lee

Yes, I am indeed a One Woman Show.  In a Two-Dog Office.  With a cat here and there.

And I loathe doing this About Me bit. I would prefer putting my time into regaling the public with the remarkable (and marketable) aspects of you and your business.

But for now, onward and upward and into the eye of The Necessary Evil.

In case that intro was overly opaque, I struggle with self-promotion and fight a full-fledged photophobia. (These images of me – you see – are rare commodities, due to my oddities. Sounds somewhat Seussian, don’t you think?).

In fact, I may be the best-kept secret in the area industry. The marketing industry, that is. Thirty-plus years as a purveyor of advertising, and I still hear all-too-often (even from folks within the proverbial fold): “I had no idea you do that.”

So, it’s time: Physician, heal thyself!

To that end, you can peruse the full-blown blah-blah-blah bio HERE.

Better yet, meet me in real-time. Call or click and let’s go to it!

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