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A few quick answers to FAQs:

I advertise on my Facebook Page – do I still need a web site design for my business?2018-04-24T22:45:35+00:00

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” While Facebook is a valuable and readily-accessible marketing tool, it should serve as a companion to your web site, not a replacement. All social media outlets are best utilized to drive traffic to your web site, the hub from which all information flows. It’s also important to remember that even though Facebook boasts a whopping user base, there still remains a large faction of folk who don’t “do” Facebook (and swear they never will). Without a proper web site design, that audience is lost to you.

How much does a web site design cost?2018-04-24T22:46:40+00:00

This is similar to asking “How much does a car cost?” The answer, of course, is relative to whether you’re shopping for a budget-friendly vehicle or a high-end performance model. That said, you can get a glimpse into pricing tiers here, but it’s important to note that these are for broad reference only. For a full (free) custom-fitted proposal for your web site design, simply ask.

If I hire you for a new web site design, will I be able to do my own site edits?2018-04-24T22:49:12+00:00

Absolutely! I am always happy to provide editing services, but if you choose to do some or all yourself that is an option.  I will create a PDF tutorial customized for your web site design that shows you how to login and navigate to make the desired changes.

We have a web site but would like you to manage it. Can you do that?2018-04-24T22:48:03+00:00

I’d be happy to! With a little information from you regarding the current host and domain (web address),  I can move forward with handling the migration process for you to make it as seamless as possible to switch web site hosting to my reliable, fast, secure server.

I’d love a new web site design but how do I even get started?2018-04-24T22:38:49+00:00

A great place to start is by giving me a call or dropping me an email. I strive to simplify your web design project as much as possible for you. I’ve built entire web sites from little more than a conversation or email with basic business info. And of course, you would have full reign over content before the web site went public.

We would like our office forms to be fillable online. Do you do that?2018-04-20T17:32:16+00:00

I do indeed. I’ve created a number of forms for doctor and dental offices, and I’m told their clients LOVE them! I can convert your existing forms or create new ones from scratch so they can be typed directly into, saved as a completed form to a hard drive, printed or emailed. I’m happy to provide a quote on converting or creating forms for you.

I have a web site but it doesn’t come up in search results. Can you help?2018-04-24T22:11:06+00:00

There are a number of factors that can cause your site to perform poorly on the search engines. Reach out with your site address and I’ll be happy to take a look and offer a proposal for remedy.

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I’m happy to visit with you and answer any questions you may have on web design, hosting, fillable forms … and How All This Works. Fire off an email or give me a ring.

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