Print is Dead, Long Live Print!

Contradictory, right? And yet, those few words accurately convey the dizzying debate that's been waged for years regarding the validity of the printed product. And by printed product, I am referring to the printed word versus a digitally-delivered message. Postcards, brochures, and yes, the humble business card. Since the advent of the internet, marketers and [...]

Print is Dead, Long Live Print!2019-04-03T18:06:12+00:00

The DIY Dilemma

When should you design it yourself and when should you hire a pro? In today's realm, there are a glut of avenues for readily-modifiable web site templates, build-your-bargain-brand kits and promo peddlers for the pennywise. And that's a good thing. There are many instances wherein a startup or struggling business owner [...]

The DIY Dilemma2018-04-19T19:29:24+00:00

Yep, I Do That

Business cards to billboards, wearables to web sites, print products to digital design. Since 1988, I've crafted promotional products for clients near and far, small biz and corporate alike. I have a Pygmalion drive: if it can be better, it SHOULD be better. I often hear: "I had no idea you [...]

Yep, I Do That2020-02-29T14:04:38+00:00
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