When should you design it yourself and when should you hire a pro?

In today’s realm, there are a glut of avenues for readily-modifiable web site templates, build-your-bargain-brand kits and promo peddlers for the pennywise. And that’s a good thing.

There are many instances wherein a startup or struggling business owner may need to seek a quick fix or budget-conscious solution to their marketing needs. I fully understand the eternal quest for the lowest price. However, I’ve learned to shop for the best value instead of the lowest price tag.

For instance, you may be able to build your own web presence with a DIY vendor and be relatively pleased with the results. But often these sites carry beacons for their own brand, making it apparent to visitors that you’ve taken a shortcut instead of investing in a professional for your online or print design. This may reflect on the business itself and leave your potential customers wondering about your legitimacy or longevity.

Sometimes it makes sense to “pull cheap”; other times it can work against you. You may also find that your site’s foundation is not – and never will be – Google-friendly. Or, you may discover that your site is restricted to the “kit” environs. I’ve heard many accounts from new clients regarding their web site that’s being held hostage by the creator. Without the ability to relocate the site and its contents, these business owners have no choice but to begin again – meaning the loss of valuable time, money and market presence.

That said, I feel I can offer clients a great value for the buck. Proposals are free and noncommittal and will include itemized costs – from design, construction and maintenance (for sites).

Let’s build something!